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“I was the type of person who couldn’t bear the process of teeth medical treatment. The word “dentist” itself made me phobic. My perception has totally changed since I found out “Mat Dental”. I am surprised by the work of the staff and their communication with patients. The times I had to go there, I have felt myself in the house of smile and as if all of them were my friends.
Isli Kuka
“Mat Dental” transformed my teeth in a very short period of time. Now I can laugh without feeling embarrassed. It’s truly important to have healthy teeth and it’s a pleasure to receive compliments for having perfect teeth. Heartfelt thanks for your dedication and work quality.
Juna Kapllani
“40 years ago when I was 24, dr. Sali Kurti filled me 3 molars. Sincerely it was emotional to assert that I haven’t had any problems with these molars even now that I turned 64 years old. Therefore I am happy to find “Mat Dental” and to continue receiving services from the doctor’s golden hands”.
Flora Isufi
“I am very satisfied by the service I received in “Mat Dental”. I found there the best service I have ever received by a dental clinic. The staff of this clinic was amazing and they did a great job for me, until I was completely contented with my new prosthesis. They were punctual, friendly and accurate in detail.
Ismail Gjana
“I was impressed by the great cleanliness of the clinic, the timeliness and the detailed explanations of the doctors. Doctors were not only communicative with patients, but there was a collaborative aura among colleagues who discussed  and shared their professional experience”.
Sherif Hoxha

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